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Blockchain Operating System

Suntri is your single-window solution to global digital economy.

Join Suntri smart-token platform and take advantage of the opportunities presented by Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Get your own multi-currency cryptograthic wallet, trade tangible and intangible assets, invest in businesses, organizations and startups or raise funds for your own.


Integration of existing corporate networks
into Suntri blockchain

Commissionless transactions
inside the network

High bandwidth network
with top blockchain transaction speed

Average number of transactions per second in the largest blockchains and payment systems:

  • Visa – 24 000
  • Suntri – 1 000


  • PayPal – 193
  • BitcoinCash – 60
  • Litecoin – 56
  • Dash – 48
  • Ethereum – 20
  • Bitcoin – 7

and secure storage

Data integrity is achieved through
the use of a private blockchain with the
possibility of openauditing and anchoring
of hashed data to public blockchains

Suntri is immune against
the “51% attack”

Due to the use of PoS (Proof-of-Stake)

SUNTRI Clients


We work with Local, Regional and National governments. Our platform provides blockchain solutions for building transparent and secure e-government systems that will help increase cybersecurity and substantially reduce bureaucracy. With our advanced technology for data storage and management, it will be much easier to attract investment, control taxes and provide services, increasing trust in the government institutions.


We work with businesses from startups to Fortune 100. We collaborate with a client to customize our blockchain operating system for their industry, meet their particular needs at greatly reduced costs of operations.


We work with national and international non-profit organizations. Our platform makes it way easier for NGOs to create residual source of donations/revenues, raise money and sustain ongoing engagement with individuals and corporate donors, increasing accountability and trust in their projects.

SUNTRI a Global Digital Economy of the 21st Century


1. Blockchain will transform all sectors of the global economy;

2. Blockchain will help governments and corporations transition from centralized to decentralized systems;

3. Blockchain will eliminate the need for a “middleman” in most industries, reducing the costs of all operations;

4. Blockchain will eliminate corruption completely, making it a thing of the past;

5. Blockchain will provide access to low-cost capital to individuals from anywhere in the world;



Henry Shterenberg so cute
linkedin Charles Whitehead

Chairman of the Board

Henry Shterenberg so cute
linkedin Rod Robertson

Board Member, Governance, and Private Equity

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linkedin Stephen Browne

Board Member, Strategy, and Technology

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linkedin Viacheslav Shmelov

Board Member, Strategic Development

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